This sweet little boy doesn’t even know the ray of sunshine he puts into my heart everyday. I do not think that I could ever explain exactly how he makes my heart smile.  All three of my children are blessing and I love them so very much but the love I feel for Brock is just different…not greater, just different. He is always smiling and happy, how can you not smile at a happy baby? It is almost like he understands exactly what I need and gives it to me.

He reminds me SO much of his father…his hands even in their little chubby baby state look like Justin’s. Today while we were laying on the bed together he reached out and placed his fresh from his mouth wet hand on my cheek. It brought tears to my eyes…my sweet youngest son was reaching for his Momma but also it gave me comfort that it was part of Justin reaching out to touch my cheek too.

The kids keep me busy and moving forward but when Liz and Garrett are gone Brock keeps me busy still. I am so grateful he is here, part of Justin and the love we shared for each other. He just makes me smile. I am so proud I was chosen to be his mother!

There has been several times I have asked quietly to myself…please let me have the strength to get through this. Justin gave me so much strength and advice. He is/was my partner. The times I have asked for his strength or guidance he has given it to me. Sometimes it sucks the breath out of me the reminders that he is still around watching. He is missed so much but it also gives me comfort that I am never alone.